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Living at the Foot of the Cross is a fictional story. The characters and situations are a product of this writer's imagination and should not be construed to represent actual persons, places, or things. Having said that, I confess to using ficticious towns,rivers, and fish in a real state in the real USA and even using actual towns in Ohio as a point of general reference. Some of the characters I have named after people I have known, not because they bear any resemblence to each other but simply because I like the name and wanted to honor my friend or family member with a mention in my book. Well, I hope they take it as an honor.

The Preface, Credits, and each chapter of the published version of Living at the Foot of the Cross have been converted to PDF files for easy viewing on your computer or tablet. Footnotes and endnotes will follow at a later time. You will find ample links to assist you in navigating through the site with the exception being the PDF files. Each PDF file will appear on a dedicated page. Once there, simply close the page to return to normal navigation.

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I hope you enjoy reading Living at the Foot of the Cross and find it entertaining and thought provoking. It is my further hope that you will be anxious to share this story with your family and friends. Please feel free to share excerpts and quotations, keeping in mind that this is copyrighted material and standard restrictions apply. No part of this work can be reproduced in any maner for resale.

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