Living at the Foot of the Cross
A Novel by Frank Rauck

Alex and Charlie are best of friends who share three great loves: a love of their families, a love of fishing, and a love for Jesus Christ. This is a story about these men, their loves and an elusive large mouth bass called Ol' Sam. The characters are made up and the story is fiction, but the events and emotions are being played out every day as seekers of truth and lovers of tradition clash over conflicting God views.

You won't find any car chase scenes, exploding buildings, or torrid love affairs here but a couple of cars do get totaled, somebody sets fire to the county jail, and Fred and Elvira kiss on the lips. Oh yes, we also have a physical altercation in the back of the church sanctuary during a Sunday morning service and one of our churchmen gets thrown in the slammer.

It's a story filled with life and death, love and hate, action, murder, suspense, intrigue, sin and redemption. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Copyright 2018 by Frank O. Rauck, Nashua, New Hampshire